Every Detail Counts

Construction & renovation companies open up every single day in Poland. What makes Novative special is their attention to detail. They make sure that the base is always solid and perfectly smooth before moving forward to more fancy elements like wall paint.

Breaking the Stereotypes

Novative's founder worked 9 years in a few construction & renovation companies before he took the courage to start on his own. There was always something that he couldn't change. Renovation companies are often seen in Poland as a group of Jonases, which make it hard to position theirsefl as professionals. Guys from Novative put enrmous attention to every single detail making them stand out from the competition. The want their customers to be sure that whatever they will put on their walls (either paint, wallpapers or other decorations) those will look fantastic, thanks to strong, solid and smooth wall suface.

They were looking initially to developing a powerfull identity for their new brand and so they could introduce their new business to local communities in Poznań and surrounding towns.

industry / sector

Building & Construction / Renovations


Poznań, Poland

project year

2Q / 3Q 2020

challenge question

So what if you launch a renovation business beeing still young and not being seen as trustworthy enough?

What we did?

Our job in this assignment was to develop a brand strategy, create a story explaining what matters the most for Novative, and highlight professionalismy and passion in the visual identity, positioning the firm as a leader in the industry. We've stared from understanding the market and customers needs to position Novative as different, as a group that cares about the things no one else sees–a quality wall sufraces, instead of focusing only on colorfull wall paints covering every single wall defect.



  • Discovery & Brand Strategy
  • Art Direction & Brand Identity
  • Corporate Collateral & Services Catalogue
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Social Media Branding
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Our collaboration with Novative's founder–Chris started with a Brand strategy and has followed by creating Brand Identity, print collateral (including business cards, letterhead, invoices template), a truck wrap and some social media images. When we started talking Chris initially wanted a Logo for his company but during our meetings and realising that it takes much more than a logo to launch successful business we decided to add some elements to prepare Novative for their new position.

The Outcome

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Blueprint not only for construction work.

We have initiated some exercises from our brand strategy framework to define the culture and attributes of Novaite. All of that to be sure the new identity won't only look good but will also be funcional, driving the company forward. Our job was to reflect words like bold, sharp in logo design speaking to family members puirchasing a new property to create their dream home; and business owners willing to build a modern work space for their ventures.

Building trust and highlighting the energetic and detail driven culture of the company has become our main goal.

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Catchy heading

Some copy about production work, why such decisions etc and what exactly had happended during the work.

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“We are a young team often underestimated and received as inexperienced. Now, with our new identity, things changed. There are no more objections to our premium pricing, and clients start to see us as trustworthy professionals.”
Krzysztof Rzymek | Founder @Novative
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Premium service, premium price.

Since the beginning Novative is able to charge premium price for their services. They didn't hesitate to start from higher bar and none of their clients objected to that, both knowing the quality of their work as well as putting full trust in the company.


Increase in lead generation


Increase in lead generation


Increase in lead generation

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